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All Siddhars have written clearly in their works on four subject Viz – Alchemy, Medicine, Yoga, and Philosophy, they have mentioned all clearly of their syllogism of propositions.

1. Alchemy (Chemistry)
a) An Alchemist should necessarily be a Spiritualist and so strong will benevolence, charity, and above all purity of mind is essential.
b) He should not have avarice for gold or money.
c) He should be a born Alchemist, taking birth at a particular constellation according to his former Karma.
d) The principles of giving elements on which the product of Alchemy is based is in every way identical to those comprised in the generation of a child. If any defect, excess, or other changes in the five elementary principles of the alchemical process take place, it is a failure just like the abortion in a child.

2. Medicine
a) A system of medicine without understanding and without a true knowledge of natural laws, will remain forever a system of theories, mere opinion and of passive observation and inactivity.
b) Man can accomplish nothing through his own power but everything can be accomplished, through man by the power of faith. This truly holds good in the oases of a physician.
c) It is nature that causes disease and it again nature that affects their cure, and therefore the physician should know the process of nature.
d) Siddhars fully realize that planetary evil effects and sins of previous birth known as karma are the causes of diseases and other misfortunes.
e) According to a patient’s horoscope the movements and disposition of the planets are of much importance in medicine; and so, its most important for a physician to consider the aspect of heavenly bodies before starting the treatment of a patient.

3. Yoga
a) A Yogi can enter another’s body and even the dead body, and make it get up and even more about. He can also manufacture bodies and minds called created bodies and created minds.
b) The shortest and the safest way to complete the cycle of evolution in man is by yoga, which cannot be practiced without having someone to guide and explain what they mean; otherwise, there will be a break down in physical condition and health.
c) Pure mind itself plays the part of a Guru because when the spiritual practice is increased, the power of comprehension is also increased and this enables the higher mind to act as a guide.
d) Man can command over the elements and as such, after the course of nature, may assume and form in the creation, dematerialize and rematerialize their bodies.
e) Without the energy of nerve-force stored up in Kundalini the heart cannot beat, the lungs cannot breathe, the blood cannot circulate and the various other organs cannot perform their normal functions.
f) The Personal Magnetism is the subtle force developed in man, by which people are influenced and the nations are controlled and it is due to the strength of pranas.

4. Wisdom (Philosophy)
a) Man is the only being the creation, with all kinds of latent powers reaching up to the level of God; and his only defect is that he does not care to know that such powers are hidden in him, and he has to make them patent by his preservence.
b) Perfection in man’s nature is barred by Maya and prevented from asking its proper course; and when once, this bar is removed Nature rushes with all its potentialities and powers.
c) There are in our several supports to the soul for the existence and sustenance of life, and they are the five elements, the six plexuses, the three nadies, the three humors, etc. constituting in all 96 Tatwas i.e. the constituent principles in nature.

So they are men holding tremendous and extraordinary powers, superhuman in nature, and can even, in this life, change their bodies into god bodies. There are several such cases mentioned by siddhars in their books. They can change the material of their bodies and rearrange the molecules in such a fashion that they may have no more sickness or death. They can send mental electricity without the aid of nerve channels, thus holding communion by remaining in their own places, with anybody and anywhere in the Universe. Their principle is that ideality and spiritual knowledge can only be attained through Yoga and to reach this, bodily existence is essential and so, that wanted to gain success before they die. They realized that if the body came to an end, it would take a longer time to reach the goal by being born again and again, and in this way, much time will be lost.

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