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About Us

What We Do

Aravindh Herbal Labs (P) Limited is a reputed manufacturer of Indian traditional medicines of Siddha and Ayurveda. Founded in 1992 by Dr P Rajalingam, a traditional medicinal practitioner, Aravindh Herbal functions with the AHA mission of producing “Affordable, Holistic healthcare products for All”.

We produce over 400 Siddha and Ayurvedic Medicines, Personal care, Home remedies, Health Food & Nutrition products, and traditional lifestyle products from our manufacturing unit in Rajapalayam, Tamil Nadu.

Run by a team of qualified professionals, the two key business functions of our company are: quality management and corporate social responsibility.

Aravindh Herbal Labs

Leading Ayurvedic Medicine
Manufacturer Since 1992.
Get Natural & Premier Range
of Medicines.

Traditional Medicine

We produce traditional and herbal
medicines using organic techniques
with traditional methods.

All Over India

Our products are available
in over 3000 retail outlets
throughout India


Our Vision

To position the AYUSH system as the desirable system of choice to enhance the holistic wellbeing of humankind.

Our Mission

Affordable, Holistic healthcare products for All by unearthing the art and science of healing from its roots.


Our Founder Message

Karma Yoga is the only way to attain the overall wellbeing of humankind. This ideology made us start and expand as a company to server the people around us.


Our Director Message

We consistently aim to make AYUSH system of medicine as the first choice of treatment for humankind. We had always believed that these systems of medicine have a lot to offer for mankind and have always been underrated. We as a company try to create awareness on the science behind these systems by collaborating on research and publications.

Team of Qualified Professionals

Patient Safety and Quality Management

Quality is the backbone of our success. We run a full-fledged quality lab that focuses on quality throughout the lifecycle of the drug, starting with sourcing raw materials to drug development and delivery. We incorporate adequate layers of quality control to eliminate, dust, fungus, and other foreign materials from our raw material before commencing the manufacturing process. We follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and adhere to various quality best practices in sourcing, manufacturing, and packaging.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Aravindh Herbal Labs is a firm believer in giving back to society. We had institutionalized Aravindh Health Centre (Formerly Aravindh Ashram), a not-for-profit healthcare services company, that focuses on providing training in preventive care, creating awareness of traditional medicines, and offering rejuvenation and therapeutic services free of cost for the past many years. It gives us immense pleasure to witness the positive impact on the community we serve.

Our most valuable stakeholders

Our most valuable stakeholders include suppliers, partners, distributors, and retailers. We procure raw materials predominantly from suppliers in Tamil Nadu, who in turn get their supplies from a large number of individual harvesters and collectors across the country. Our network of representatives and distributors ensures the availability of our products through over 3000 retail outlets across India. We also partner with like-minded organizations such as Sumo Foods and Aravindh Nature Cure that produce herbal products, and traditional lifestyle products to create a positive impact in the overall wellbeing of mankind.

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