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Kadukkai Legiyam


How to use: 3-5 gms with hot water at night bedtime. Quantity may change according to your body condition. So fix the qty by your own experience.

Who can use: a safe herbal remedy for constipation, gas trouble and ulcer.

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Product Information:

Constipation is the root cause for all diseases. KADUKKAI LEGIYAM is a safe herbal remedy for Constipation. KADUKKAI LEGIYAM is a Classical Siddha Sasthric formulation, founded by Siddhars who were alchemists and spiritually attained siddhis. KADUKKAI LEGIYAM is our popular product being used by lakh of people for more than 25 years.

Key Ingredients : 

Ref: Siddha  Proprietary Medicine
Contents: (10gm contains)

Tamil Name Botanical Name Part  used Form Used Qty.,
Kadukkai Terminalla cheula (Fr.) Dc. 5.450 gms
Sivadhai Ipomoea turpethum (Rt.) Pwd.   0.052 gms
Chukku Zingiber officinale (Rz.) Jc.   0.053 gms
Milagu Piper nigrum (Fr.) Pwd.   0.045 gms
Omam Carum roxburghianum (Dr.Sd.) Pwd.   0.073 gms
Vaividangam Embelia ribes (Dr.Sd.) Pwd.   0.059 gms
Thippili Piper longum (Fr.) Pwd.   0.073 gms
Avuri Indigofera tinctoria (Lf.) Pwd.   0.063 gms
Ghee Ghee Animal origin Gt.   0.028 gms
Vellam Jaggery (St.) Pwd.   2.759 gms
Water Pure and of potable quality   Q.s


Key benefits :

  • KADUKKAI LEGIYAM is also used for Gas troubles and ulcers.ASWAGANTHATHI LEGIYAM increases sperm count, haemoglobin levels & purifies blood.

Direction for use :

Adults : 2 – 3 gms or as advised

by the physician.

Childs : 1 – 1.5 gms or as advised

by the physician.


Safety Information :

Store In a cool and dry place.

Keep the container tightly closed after use.


Make it your self: Kadukkai Legiyam, 

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125 Gms, 250 Gms, 500 Gms


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