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Hybiscus Herbal Hair Oil


About our Hibiscus herbal hair oil:

This nourishing, cold-pressed Siddha herb-enriched herbal hair oil by Aravindh Herbal
Labs uses the finest quality of Siddha herbs to treat dandruff, hair loss, and frizzy hair
and helps reduce premature greying. The secret to Indian’s lush, glossy hair dates back
to an ancient recipe, scripted in the Vedas, consisting of potent herbs extracted into
pure cold-pressed coconut oil and hibiscus extracts.
A natural conditioner for lustrous, healthy hair that deeply nourishes the scalp to
strengthen hair follicles. It also includes ingredients like Neeli avuri (Indigo), Tulasi,
Henna, and curry leaf extracts to promote hair growth and prevent scalp infections.
Hibiscus is an anti-Pitta herb that acts as an antifungal and anti-dandruff herbal hair oil.
This hibiscus hair oil works magic with Hibiscus hair care capsule intake.

● Reduces Hair Loss
● Combats Dandruff
● Restores Volume
● Promotes Hair Growth
● Natural Conditioning
● Suitable For All Hair Types

● A Siddha medicinal preparation by experts helps in preventing dandruff and
other scalp infections.
● Encourages lustrous, frizz-free hair and helps reduce premature greying.
● Restores volume and combats hair fall.
● Hibiscus herbal hair oil is a powerhouse of amino acids and antioxidants.
● Free from chemicals, parabens and petrochemicals.
● Both men and women can use it.

What’s inside our Hibiscus herbal hair oil:

Key ingredients:


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Other ingredients:
Tulasi, Arugampul, Henna leaves, Agathi, Adhimadhuram, Vallarai, White pepper,
Coconut oil.

Each 10 ml contains:
● Hibiscus flower extract (Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis)- 350 mg, Neeli Avuri leaf
extract (Indigofera Tinctoria)-350 mg, Tulasi (Ocimum Sanctum)- 190 mg,
Arugampul (Cynodon Dactylon)- 190 mg, Henna leaves (Lawsonia Inermis)- 350
mg, Curry leaves (Murraya koenigii)- 350 mg, Agathi (Sesbania grandiflora)- 127
mg, White pepper (Piper Album)- 76 mg, Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza Glabra)- 254
mg, Centella Asiatica-Vallarai (Hydrocotyle asiatica)- 350 mg, Coconut oil- 10

How to use:
● Gently apply a generous amount of Hibiscus herbal hair oil onto your hair, from
the scalp to the ends. Leave it for an hour and wash it with mild hair cleansers.
● Use this herbal hair tonic as a hair serum after a shower.

● Combine our Hibiscus herbal hair oil with our Neelibhringadi thailam in a coconut
oil base weekly for enriched growth.
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Product and manufacturing information:
Product details:
Product name: Hibiscus herbal hair oil
Licence number: 541/25-D
Requires prescription: No
Shelf life: 3 years from the date of Mfg.
Usage: For external use only. Shake well before use.
Product Type: Siddha
Medicine type: Proprietary
Manufacturing information:
Manufactured and marketed by:
Aravindh Herbal Lab (P) Limited, 140, Mudangiar Road, 4th Kilometre, Rajapalayam –
Country of origin: India
GST number:
Customer care number: 91-9942530115
For further queries and comments: [email protected]

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