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Thaneervittan (Asparagus racemosus)-100% cleaned form-1 kg


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Among the three doshas in ayurvedha, it balances the Pitta dosha

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Botanical Name: Asparagus racemosus

Common Name:Wild asparagus

Telugu Name: Abiruvu
Malayalam Name: Sathavari
Kannada Name: Sathavari
Hindi Name: Sathavari
Sanskrit Name: Satamuli

Ref: Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India Volume-6, Page:41-42

Usage part: Dried Stem Bark

Dose: 2 gms

How to cleaned and purified: Remove the mixture of dust mugs and wash well in the water and dry in the shadow.

“It is best used for rejuvenating Female reproductive system. During pregnancy, it reduces morning sickness. In lactating mothers, it increases the secretion of milk and acts as a galactagogue. Being laxative, it eases functioning of bowels and prevents bloating and constipation. It’s effective in curing Diahhrea, Dysentery, Abdominal problems, burning sensation.”



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