Thalisathi choornam (siddha) -100gms

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Combination of the Product

Tamil Name Botanical Name Part used Form Used Qty.,
Talisapatri Abies spectablis (Lf.) Pwd 1 Part
Lavangapattai Cinnamomum verum (St.Bk.) Pwd 1 Part
Elam Elettaria cardamomum (Fr.) Pwd 1 part
Milagu,Tippili,Ingi-Chukku Piper nigrum, piper longum, zingiber officinale (Dr. Sd.), (Rz.) Pwd 1 Part
Kadukkai,Tandrikai,Nellikai Terminalia chebula, terminalia bellirica, emblica officinalis (Fr.) Pwd 1 Part
Ati maduram Glycyrrhiza glabra (Rt.) Pwd 1 Part
Perungayam Ferula asafoetida (O.R) Pwd 1 Part
Koestam Costus speciosus (Rt.) Pwd 1 Part
Cheerakam Cuminum cyminum (Dr. Sd.) Pwd 1 Part
Sathakuppai Anethum graveolens (Dr. Sd.) Pwd 1 Part
Karuncheeragum Nigella sativa (Dr. Sd.) Pwd 1 Part
Milagu Piper longum (Dr. Sd.) Pwd 1 Part
Ilavangam Syzygium aromaticum (FL. Bd.) Pwd 1 Part
Jathikkai Myristica fragrans (Sd.) Pwd 1 Part
Thippili kattai Piper Longum (St.) Pwd 1 Part
Jathikkai Myristica fragrans (Sd.) Pwd 1 Part
Jadamanji Nardostachys grandiflora (Rt.) Pwd 1 Part
Chirunagapoo Mesua nagassarium (FL. Bd.) Pwd 1 Part
Shenpagam Michelia champaca (Fl.) Pwd 1 Part
Vaividakam Embelia ribes (sd.) Pwd 1 Part
Lavangapathiri Cinnamomum tamala (Lf.) Pwd 1 Part
Omam Carum roxburghiana (sd.) Pwd 1 Part
kakkada shingi Rhus succedanea (Gl.) Pwd 1 part
Kottamalli Coriandrum sativum (Sd.) Pwd 1 Part
Sugar Cane sugar (St.) Pwd 12 Part

Theraupatic uses : For Cough & cold.,

Dose: 1 to 5 gm With Honey or Warm water.



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