Rheumatigo Oil


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How to use: Warm the oil and apply on the painful area and massage gently.

Who can use: For rheumatism joint pain, arthritis.


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The Rheumatigo Herbal oil is  Formulated to help provide relief from Chronic pain such as Joint pain, Back pain and Neck pain. Its Made from a Herbal Blend of Ingredients. These active herbal Ingredients are known to have great effect on pain relief.


1.Pongamia Glabra-Pungai-Antiseptic & Stimulant Healing property

2.Neem oil- Reduces swelling

3.Castor oil- Reduces Rheumatic pains

4.Bassia Longifolia-Iluppai –It gives Strengthen nervous system and Cures Nervous problem

5.Seasame oil- Gives strength to the Muscle & Nerves

6.Garlic-Reduces Joint & muscles pain

7.Acorus calamus-Vasmabu- For Rheumatic pain

8.Dry ginger-For Arthritis & sciatica

9.Asafoetida- Releaves Pain due to Kapha & vatha

10.Black pepper-For Lumbago

11.Longpepper-For Strain Fever

12.Ajwon-For Swelling and Body pain

13.The Dill-For joint pain

14.Clove- Strengthens the Internal parts

15.Lead word root-Releaves pain due to Gas troubles

16.Clerodendran phlomidis-For stiffness

17.Camphor-Releaves pain

18.Menthol-For Body pain

19.Thymoil-Reduces swelling and body pain

20.Eucalyptus Globules oil-Releaves pain

Rheumatoid pain can be during winter , cold monsoons or old age. These can occur even if imbalance of Vadha in our body.

Usage Method:

According to our Ayurvedic method, this oil  heated slightly and rubbed lightly on the painful areas and soaked  and  pour lukewarm  water will reduce the pain and give strength to the areas.

 Safety Infomation:

  There are no side effects from using this

How to prepare: 

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