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Product Information:

RED TOOTH POWDER is a proprietary siddha medicine is made of pure Indian herbs for Tooth ache, decay and bad breath. RED TOOTH POWDER is our one of the prime products which was proved clinically and scientifically by Doctors. RED TOOTH POWDER is being used by more than a lakh people for 25 years.

Key Ingredients :

Ref: Siddha Proprietary Medicine
Contents: (10gm contains)

Tamil NameBotanical NamePart usedForm UsedQty.,
KavikkalRed ochreMineral.Pwd.8.391 mgs.
MilaguPiper nigrum(Fr.)Pwd.0.199 mgs.
ThppiliPiper longum(Fr.)Pwd.0.199 mgs.
KarpooramChinnamommum camphora(O.R.)Pwd.0.772 mgs.
VembuAzadirachta indica(Lf.)Pwd.0.199 mgs.
KadukkaiTerminalia chebula(Fi.)Pwd.0.136 mgs.
Kirambu oilSyzygium aromaticum(Fi.)Oil.0.103 mgs.

Key benefits :

  • For tooth ache and worms, we can mix BRINDHA TOOTH POWDER

with our RED TOOTH POWDER and keep some powder on teeth for

10 minutes and gargle with luck warm water.

  • BRINDHA TOOTH POWDER can be used as regular teething.


Direction for use :

Adults : For External Use Only.

Childs : For External Use Only.

or as advised by the Physician.

Safety Information :

Store In a cool and dry place.

Keep the container tightly closed after use.

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