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Nerunjil (Tribulus terrestris)-cleaned and purified form-1 kg


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You can also stock the dried fruit at home.

It has balance tridhosas.

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Botanical Name: Tribulus terrestris

Common Name: Caltrop

Telugu Name: Palleru kaya
Malayalam Name: Nerunjil
Kannada Name: Neggilamullu
Hindi Name: Gokhru
Sanskrit Name: Goksura

Ref: Siddha Pharmacopoeia of India Volume-1, Page:124-125

Usage part: Dried Fruit

Dose: As advised by the Physician.

How to cleaned and purified: Remove the mixture of dust mugs and wash well in the water and dry in the shadow.

“it is used for treating all urinary tract infections.
Its also has anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, analgesic, anti cancer, cardio protective and larvicidal properties.”



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