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Kuppaimeni (Acalypha indica )-cleaned and purified form-1 kg


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For treating cold, all skin related diseases

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Botanical Name: Acalypha indica

Common Name:Indian Acalypha

Telugu Name: Kuppi chettu
Malayalam Name: Kuppameni
Kannada Name: Kuppi gida
Hindi Name: Kuppi
Sanskrit Name: Arittamanjari

Ref: Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India Volume-6, Page:63-65

Usage part: Dried Leaf

Dose: 2 gms.

How to cleaned and purified: Remove the mixture of dust mugs and wash well in the water and dry in the shadow.

Kuppaimeni leaves have amazing health and skin benefits and are used for treating cold, all skin related diseases and even for unwanted hair removal. It is especially useful for treating skin related diseases and we make a wonderful oil with its leaves. This oil prevents skin diseases, treats minor infections very quickly and can be easily made at home.



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