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Killanelli (Phyllanthus niruri) -cleaned and purified form-1 kg


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Phyllanthus niruri has been used in ayurvedha for problems of the stomach, genitourinary system, liver, kidney and spleen.

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Botanical Name: Phyllanthus niruri

Common Name: Gale of the wind

Telugu Name: Nela usirika
Malayalam Name: Kilanelli
Kannada Name: Kiru nelli
Hindi Name: Jaramla
Sanskrit Name: Bahupatra

Ref: Siddha Pharmacopoeia of India Volume-1, Page:83-85

Usage part: Dried whole plant

Dose: 2 gms.

How to cleaned and purified: Remove the mixture of dust mugs and wash well in the water and dry in the shadow.

“It has been widely used in Ayurveda and traditionally has been used for treating jaundice, hepatitis, kidney stones, hair problems, asthma, and fever. Here are the medicinal uses:
1. Anti Microbial Properties: Keezhanelli has amazing antimicrobial properties and traditionally it has been used for treating various skin problems from small wounds, itching, cracked heels, rashes, etc. You can read the study that proves it’s antimicrobial properties here.
2. For Liver (Hepato Protective Properties): Keezhanelli has a protective effect on our liver and greatly protects us from getting non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Non-alcoholic fatty disease is getting more common, thanks to the increasing availability of highly attractive packaged foods. It is the leading cause of insulin resistance, weight gain, and oxidative stress. Keezhanelli extract greatly prevents liver diseases, you can read the study that proves it here.
3. For Hair Growth: Keezhanelli hair oil is very popularly used to promote hair growth in Tamil Nadu. The plant extract has amazing hair growth promoting properties and is especially helpful for people those who are suffering from male pattern baldness.”



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