Kapa sura Kudineer 50gms -(Pack of 2)

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Ref: Siddha Formulary Of India –Part 1(Page no:180)
Siddha VaidhyaThirattu (page no:291)
Contents: (50gm contains)

Tamil Name Botanical Name Part  used Form Used Qty.,
Chukku ZingiberOfficinale  Dr.Rh., Pwd., 3.334 Gms.,
Thippili PiperLongum  Dr.Sd., Pwd., 3.334 Gms.,
Lavangam Syzygiumaromaticum  Fl.Bd., Pwd., 3.334 Gms.,
Sirukanjoriver Tragia involucrate Dr.Rt., Pwd., 3.334 Gms.,
Akirakaram Anacyclus pyrethrum  Dr.Rt., Pwd., 3.334 Gms.,
Mulliver Barleriaprionitis Dr.Rt., Pwd., 3.334 Gms.,
Kadukkaithodu Terminaliachebula  Dr.Fr., Pwd., 3.334 Gms.,
Adathoa Adathodavasica  Dr.Lf., Pwd., 3.334 Gms.,
Karpooravalli Plectranthusamboinicus  Wh.Pl., Pwd., 3.334 Gms.,
Kostam Costusspecious Dr.Rt., Pwd., 3.334 Gms.,
Seenthilkodi Tinosparacardifolia Wh. Pl., Pwd., 3.334 Gms.,
Siruthekku Clerodendrumserratum St.Bk., Pwd., 3.334 Gms.,
Nilavembu Andrographispaniculata  Wh.Pl., Pwd., 3.334 Gms.,
Vattathiruppi Cissampelospareira Wh.Pl., Pwd., 3.334 Gms.,
Koraikilangu Cyperusrotundus  Dr.Rt., Pwd., 3.334 Gms.,

Therapeutic Uses: 30-60 ml. Take Two times Daily  (or) Direct by the Physician

Decoction Preparation: Take  35gmsKudineerChurna and Boil in 3 liters of water and bring  to 250 ml of kasayam.

Adverse effects:              Nil

Contraindications:          No Known Contraindications


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