Hybiscus hair oil 200 ml


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For long, healthy hair.



Hybsicus Herbal Hair Tonic  is made by soaking more than Ten Ingredients with Fresh herbs according to the ancient method and boiling it over medium heat with cold pressed coconut oil(Chekku oil)

These are made by experienced doctors

These strengthen the hair follicles and provide nutrition to the hair, eliminating problems such as hair loss, premature grey hair, dandruff and overheating.


Hybsiscus rosa sinensis  – Semparathai- To stop hair falling and Reduce over heat

Centella asiatica-Vallarai- To stop hair falling

Sesbania grandilora-Agathi – To stop hair falling

Indigofera tinctoria- Avuri- To stop Premature gray hair

Lawsonia inermis-Maruthani- To stop Premature gray hair and reduce over heat

Murraya koengi-Karuveppilai- To stop Premature gray hair

Glycyrrhiza glabra-Adimathuram- To stop Dandruff

Ocimum sanctum-Thulasi- To stop Dandruff

Cynodan dactylon-Aruganpul- To stop Dandruff

Piper nigrum-Ven milagu- To stop Dandruff

How to use: Apply sufficient quantity of oil on head and massage well, after taking bath.

Apply one hour before when oil bath.

Safety Infomation: There are no side effects from using this

How to Prepare: Hybiscus hair oil

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