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Product Information:

HERBOGREEN OINTMENT is a siddha proprietary medicine, made of pure Indian herbs to heal Wounds, Boils, skin infections. This ointment was scientifically and clinically tested and used by people more than 30 years. Powerful herbs are used to treat cracks easily without any contra results.

Key Ingredients : 

Ref: Siddha  Proprietary Medicine
Contents: (10ml contains)

Tamil NameBotanical NamePart  usedForm UsedQty.,
Vanga chendooramLead (II, IV) oxide(Siddha Medicine)Pwd.0.135 gms.
Miruthan sirungi (Purified)Lead (II) oxide(Metal)Pwd.0.135 gms.
Mayilthutham (Purified)Copper Sulphate(Metal)Pwd.0.135 gms.
Karpoga ArisiPsoralea corylifolia(Dr.Sd.)Dc.0.135 gms.
Sengkottai (Purified)Semecarpus Anacardium(Dr.Sd.)Dc.0.135 gms.
Bee waxBee wax (Yellow)Animal originWax.3 gms.
Coconut oilCocos nucifera(Siddha Medicine)Oil.12 gms.

Key benefits :

  • It is mainly used for all Wounds, Cuts, Boils, Injuries.
  • It is also useful for cuts and injuries.

Direction for use :

Adults : For External Use Only.

Childs : For External Use Only.

or as advised by the Physician.