Herbal Drink Powder 200 gms


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Tastier health drink for all ages. It gives freshness,  an alternative drink of Coffee & Tea for general health & digestion


Product Information:

Aravindh herbal drink powder is a proprietary medicine to heal indigestion, general weakness. It was founded by doctor who had more than 25 years experience in this System. The Efficacy of the

medicine was proved and used by more than 3 lakh of people. Aravindh herbal drink is a general

health drink for all ages. This health drink powder can be used instead of coffee and tea.


Key Ingredients : 

Ref: Siddha  Proprietary Medicine
Contents: (100gm contains)

Tamil Name Botanical Name Part  used Form Used Qty.,
Thamarai Poo Nelumbium speciosum (Dr.Lf.) Pwd     1935 mgs.
Avaram Poo Cassia auriculata (Dr.Rl.) Pwd     2960 mgs.
Roja Poo Rosa damascena (Dr.Fl.) Pwd     2000 mgs.
Mathana Kama Poo Cycas circinalis (Dr.Fl.) Pwd       250 mgs.
Vallarai Centella asiatica (Dr.Lf.) Pwd       250 mgs.
Aruganpul Cynodon dactylon (Pl.) Pwd       250 mgs.
Karisalai Eclipta alba (Dr.Lf.) Pwd       250 mgs.
Yelam Elettaria cardamomum (Dr.Fr.) Pwd       200 mgs.
Lavangam Syzygium aromaticum (Dr.F.) Pwd       200 mgs.
Jathikkai Myristica fragrans (Dr.F.) Pwd       100 mgs.
Thulasi Ocimum sanctum (Dr.Lf.) Pwd       250 mgs.
Chukku Zingiber officinale (Dr.Rh.) Pwd       100 mgs.
Kothamalli Coriandrum sativum (Dr.Sd.) Pwd       250 mgs.
Murungai Poo Moringa oleifera (Dr.Rl.) Pwd       250 mgs.
Sivakaranthai Spheoranthous amaranthoicdes (Dr.R.) Pwd       250 mgs.
Kunkuma Poo Crocus sativus (Dr.F.) Pwd           5 mgs.
Neli Avuri Indigofera tinctoria (Lf.) Pwd       250 mgs.
Sugar Sugar base (St.) Pwd   90000 mgs.


Key benefits :

  1. Best supplement drink for general weakness and indigestion.
  2. It strengthens nerves and maintains body general health.
  3. It fights again cough and cold while using regularly.

Direction for use :

How to Prepare:

Boil 10 gms Herbal Health Drink powder

with 100 ml Water  and serve hot.

Safety Information :

Store In a cool and dry place.

Keep the container tightly closed after use.

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