Thathupusti legiyam 250 gms

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Product Information:

THATHUPUSTI LEGIYAM is a Classical Siddha Sasthric formulation, founded by Siddhars who were attained Shiddis & well experts in anatomy & herbs. It increases immunity, vigour and vitality, physical strength, vim to body. ARAVINDH THATHUPUSTI LEGIYAM is a safe herbal remedy for sexual weakness, body general weakness, insomnia (sleeplessness) etc. ARAVINDH THATHUPUSTI LEGIYAM is our one of the prime products being used by lakh of people for more than 25 years.

Key Ingredients : 

Ref: Siddha  Proprietary Medicine
Contents: (10gm contains)

Tamil NameBotanical NamePart  usedForm UsedQty.,
Semai AmukkaraWithania somnifera(Rt.)Pwd.0.1538 mgs.
CheeragamCuminum cyminum(Dr.Sd.)Pwd.  0.1538 mgs.
LavangappattaiCinnamomum verum(Lf.)Pwd.  0.1538 mgs.
LavangappattaiCinnamomum verum(St.Bk.)Pwd.  0.1538 mgs.
YelamElettaria cardamomum(Fr.)Pwd.  0.1538 mgs.
ChukkuZingiber officinale(Rz.)Pwd.  0.1538 mgs.
MilaguPiper nigrum(Dr.Sd.)Pwd.  0.1538 mgs.
ThippiliPiper longum(Dr.Sd.)Pwd.  0.1538 mgs.
Ulundham ParrupuVigna mungo(Dr.Sd.)Pwd.  0.1538 mgs.
AdimaduramGlycyrrhiza glabra(Rt.)Pwd.  0.1538 mgs.
OmamCarum roxburghianum(Dr.Sd.)Pwd.  0.1538 mgs.
NerinjiTribulus terrestris(Dr.Sd.)Pwd.  0.1538 mgs.
Korai KilanguCyprus rotundus(Rz.)Pwd.0.1538 mgs.
MilkMilkAnimal originFresh


  0.8000 mgs.
GheeGheeAnimal origin   1.7000 mgs.
HoneyHoneyAnimal origin  1.0000 mgs.
VellamJaggery(St.)Pwd.  3.1000 mgs.
WaterPure and of potable quality   1.4120 mgs


Key benefits :

  • It helps to cure Azoospermia, Oligospermia.
  • It treats to boost up immune system. It calms mind and promotes good & deep sleep.
  • It increases haemoglobin levels & purifies blood.
  • It retards the aging process.
  • It corrects metabolism.
  • It repairs worn out tissues.
  • It improves memory power & intelligence
  • It relieves stress and strain.

Direction for use :

Adults : 2 – 5 gms or as advised

by the physician.

Childs : 1 – 2.5 gms or as advised

by the physician.


Safety Information :

Store In a cool and dry place.

Keep the container tightly closed after use.