In Summer, there is a chance to develop heat based diseases  like constipation, body’s  excess heat, burning sensation, piles, ulcer, dehydration, general weakness etc.,

By nature’s gift, in Indian system of medicine,

We have Tripala churna ( a powder form medicine), a combination of 3 raw herbals.

Name in English Botanical Name Tamil Name
TerminaliaChebula Kadukkai
2.Indian Gooseberry
Phyllanthus emblica Nellikkai
3. Belleric myrobalan
Terminalia bellerica Thandrikkai

In  Ayurveda and siddha systems, these three herbs regularize three dhosas viz., vata, pitta, kapha respectively. As we have to improve the quality of the churna, we should remove the seeds of these three herbs,The combination of these three herbs should be grinded separately in  micro fine form and mixed with equal proportionately.

For general health, we can take 5 gms after food at night regularly.

For treating the above said diseases, we can take 5 gms each, twice a day before or after food with water or honey. Continuously taking this medicine a week time, we can feel difference in our health aspect.

You can get this medicine from Aravindh herbals, otherwise you can make it your own which is in affordable cost.

Tripala churna is looked upon as ” summer mother ” it takes care of one’s health like how a mother cares her children. It works in human metabolism staring from mouth to anus. It may be applied externally for all skin diseases, wounds, cuts, bleeding, acne etc., This churna can be taken by people of all age group. For children intake, half of the above quantity will be enough.

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